Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Im back

I know it has been a long time since I blogged, but I am starting a new journey and wanted to be able to keep track of it.

On  December 3 our family grew by three. Let me start with a little back story. In November sometime, H came home and told me there was a girl in her class that lived in the children's home. I asked her if the little girl had clothes because I though at least we could help with that. She said she does but she wears the same ones over and over, my heart hurt for this girl. The next day H forgot her lunch so I took one to school for her. I decided while I was there I would ask about this girl H had told me about. As I asked the counselor, she told me the girl K was the sweetest girl, and that she made straight A's she is 14, and the counselor felt like if she could make it through the next 4 years in the system she would be fine, however the reason she was still in the children's home is that it wasn't just her but her two sisters. So I went to work gathered up clothes for the girls. However I couldn't stop thinking about them and their situation. I had never met them had no idea anything about them but their names and ages but my heart felt like The Lord wanted me to help them. SO I talked to M about it and we agreed we needed to help them to keep them together. SO I started calling anyone I could think of to help these girls. Have you ever tried to get ahold of someone that works for the state? It is damn near impossible. But I did get in touch with someone about starting the foster program. IT is a long process. Well after calling and getting no where, the girls were placed in a home. I was happy for them. However this home didn't work out. So on a Monday I was called and asked if I could still take the girls, this was very surprising to hear from their case worker since she hadn't called me anytime I had tried to get ahold of her before. But no matter I said we would gladly take them however we weren't set up for a foster situation, hadn't been approved or anything. So she said let me talk to my supervisor and call you back. She did call back in about 30 min, and tell me that as long as we passed the background they could place them as an emergency foster. However we would get no help from the state until we completed the foster application process. I explained to her we weren't doing it for them money, yes we would need it to help with the girls but we would figure it out until then. so she said great I would like to pick them up on Wednesday and bring them, yes two days to get our house in order. We quickly started getting ready we temporarily moved L and G into one room and since we had recently converted the formal living room into L's room we put all three girls in that room. We were immediately taken  back by the amount of support that was shown to us, we got help with purchasing the beds for the girls, we were given TONS of clothing for them, and we were overwhelmed with the love we were given.
 The girls arrived on Wednesday and were so excited to see their room. We took them to chuck e cheese that night, they had never been. And our journey began.  Christmas started to roll around and again we were overwhelmed with the support we were given to help out with gifts, we even had a santa visit on Christmas eve.I hope they are feeling the love we feel for them.

The girls are 14,10,and 6. The oldest one is quited and keeps to herself mostly, although she has a great personality and her and I have I think hit it off. The middle one is spunky and Her and L have quicly become friends despite a rough start. The 6 year old is full of life, and not very good with rules(what 6 year old is?) But she is great.
 We have only started to feel the struggle this week after Christmas we are down to our last $200 and good thing I get paid weekly. But we know it will work out. God will not give us more that we can handle.
I will blog this journey as I want to remember it and share it with anyone who wants to read it.

We still haven't gotten very far in the foster process and hope that it moves quicly the holidays have slowed it a bit. Please pray for us and follow our journey. I wont be posting any pictures as we aren't allowed(I think ). But I will try to articulate in a way that maybe you will have a clear picture.

Prayer request for us at this moment-
 1.get the foster application process complete
 2. financial pray we don't struggle to much
 3. pray for the girls mom the goal is for them to be able to go back to her
 4. pray for the girls this is a huge adjustment and I worry that they feel I am beong hard on them with the rules.
 5. pray for my children that this is all a smooth transition for them and they see what an amazong thing it is to help these girls.
 6. Pray for sanity I am having a hard time keeping up with laundry and cleaning and 6 kids.

Thank you to all of you!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Long lost blog

I can't believe two years went by. Where did time go? I always loved blogging life just got crazy. Sometimes I feel like its overwhelming. My family has been well the kids are growing like weeds. H is 11 going on 19, L is 8 and a sensitive sweetheart, and G is 6 and all boy. I love them and although sometimes working and being a mom is hard I love both my job and my kids. In the past year we have gotten a new boss and a new asst who is now one of my closest friends, and I love my boss he is great. I also lost a close friend in a horrible car accident. I have mentioned Mara in my blog before. Well she was killed on July 31,2012 and not a day goes by that I don't think about her and miss her.

 I would really like to go back to blogging, it's therapeutic and it's a nice way to keep memories. I will try to do it at least once a week although no promises.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life and Such

I have been so busy I have neglected you blog. Man, where did the time go?
Well where to start? I got a promotion at work, I am now the visual manager and loving it. I work more days, and get to spend more time with my family in the evening and once things settle down I will work way less weekends so that will be nice. That is the good. The bad is my house and my laundry are totally suffering, I never have time to clean and laundry man I will never get it done. I have got to find a cleaning lady. I have an awesome sitter for the kids after school, and we love her. She used to work with me, but she decided it wasn't for her, so she is keeping the kids. Now if I could just find a housekeeper it would be awesome.
Christmas was great, we made a whirlwind trip to my moms and the kids loved it. I am glad we got to spend time with my mom. Last weekend I went to my dads to visit for my 4 day weekend. He had hip replacement surgery and I wanted to visit him. He is doing well and I am glad to see that he is getting around pretty well.
Jenni and I haven't seen each other in over a month and that is hard, she has been my salvation here and I love her. Actually we haven't even talked and I am not sure why, I know that I am really busy with work, and she is due in like 3 weeks but I miss her terribly. I hope we catch up soon. I need her!
Well I know this is a short update, but its life in the fast lane right now. LOL
Till next time remember to hug and kiss your family and tell them you love them, today is gone and tomorrow may never come.....................

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life in the fast lane

My blog my salvation, we have been so busy with so much going on that I have missed you. School started and everyone is doing well. Well at least G and H are liking school, L says she hates it, but its just a big adjustment for her right now. L and G have been playing soccer they are on the same team and L is doing so well, last weekend she scored 3 goals in one game. G kind of wonders around picking his nose, but he runs the field too. He is the smallest one on the team but he will get better.
I have gone back to work full time I just started on Monday full time. I am still at Dillard's, just full time now. I think it is going to be good for me. I also took a part time merchandising job and I love I am struggling a little bit to find the time to get it all done, but it will work out I hope. I defiantly need to find some help around the house, it is very overwhelming. I miss Jenni, we never see each other anymore and we used to be together all the time. It is hard. I am going to really have to work at it to get a schedule down. Step-son is watching the kids after school, we will see how it goes. I told him at the end of the month we will re-evaluate and see if this is right for him and I. So we shall see.
It is getting close to the holidays, a hard time of the year for me, I still miss my Grandma everyday, but aside from that I miss my mom. I haven't seen her since spring break, and despite the fact that I have invited her to visit she is too busy. I wonder how is that possible, how is it that someone without a job can be too busy to come see her daughter and her grand kids? I don't get it. I love my mom, but I wonder why we cant be a priority in her life. I see the grandmas picking up their grand kids and I have friends talking about going to visit their family and I want that. I want that so bad. I want it for my kids I want them to have that grandma they can go visit and stay with and spend time with. But alas I don't think that is going to happen.
Anyway, we are moving along with life, tomorrow I am going with G on a field trip to the pumpkin patch I am excited. Till next time remember to hug and kiss your family and tell them you love them, today is gone and tomorrow may never come..........................

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The count down is on

We are one week and counting till the girls go back to school. Both of them are ready as I am for school to start and me to get my house organized. I am excited and sad at the same time for school to start back, Sad that I will have two babies in elementary and excited that they will be in the same school. Please pray for H to find some friends this year. L never has problems making friends so I am not near as worried about her, but pray that she can concentrate and sit still long enough for school. I have me doubts about this. G is excited that next week he will have mommy all to himself, and then he will go back to school the following week.
Tonight I took H to work with me, she wanted to get a book and I thought as I would never let her go alone, I would let her try it this time since the book store is just next door to us in the mall. I was very nervous but i let her go. She was gone like five minutes
got her book and came right back. Which leads me to believe she was as nervous as I was. I thought she would take at least 30 min and look around but nope. She then came to sit and read while I worked, she sat for a little while and read and I wrote done some math problems for her. The I told her she could go upstairs and look at the kids clothes if she wanted. She went up and again came back quickly, she sat down for a few minutes and I told her she could go look at justice
if she wanted so she did. She was gone a little longer this time but 10 min at the most. Then she decided to go get some candy and play a game still maybe 15 min at them most. I was proud of her she didn't get lost and I think she felt proud of herself. I was a learning experience for both of us. A scary one.
We have had another couple of days of good hair that we are excited about. I have found I enjoy doing their hair. Its time spent making each girl feel pretty and i like it as do they. Even L who generally doesn't really care about what she looks like enjoys me fixing her hair.
I have found some great hair blogs and these are where some of these styles have come from, some I have done on my own and some are combos are styles I have found it is great. Although next week when we get up at the but crack of dawn it might not seem so great. LOL Oh well it will totally be worth it for my girls to look cute. Well that is all for tonight till next time remember to hug and kiss your family and tell them you love them, today is gone and tomorrow may never come.......................